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IGCC for Coal

Gasification-Coal Power Plant (MEcoal) is to make use of the Low Rank Coal called Brown Coal or Lignite as the fuel through a process of P&DG: Pyrolyzation and Decomposition with Gasification to be the synthesis gas-SNG-gas. Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle includes the generating system: CCGT and HRST with Re-Melting for the clean and clear power. Gasification-Coal Power Plant is also matched with a CUP Coal-drying Up-grading Process of dewatering.

Features of the IGCC Technology

Advantage 1 Improved Power Generation Efficiency and Solution to Global Warming.

It increases the  estimated power generation efficiency to 48% to 50%, compared to levels of approximately 42% for conventional coal-fired power generation systems.

Advantage 2 Wider Choice of Applicable Coal Types

The technology takes advantage of coal, the most abundant of natural resources. The technology can also be used with coal types that have low ash melting temperatures, materials that do not readily lend themselves to use for conventional coal-fired power generation.

Advantage 3 Atmospheric Environmental performance.

The higher efficiency of the systems will reduce SOx, NOx, and dust emission per unit of electricity generated (kWh).

Advantage 4 Effective Use of Slag

Conventional coal-fired power generation produces large volumes of coal ash. IGCC discharges it in the form of glassy slag, cutting volumes of this waste product by nearly half. This slag can be recycled for other uses, including cement components and road materials.

Advantage 5 Reduced Cooling Water & Service Water Usage

IGCC can reduce cooling water by roughly 30% compared to conventional coal-fired power generation methods. And it deals with the emissions during the fuel gas phase, significantly reducing the amount of service water needed.



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