About MECO
A comprehensive group company, integrating technology research, production management and system integration in one.
A systematic solution provider, engaged in the fields of IGCC Gasification Power Plant and Clean &Clear Power Plant.
Based on the equipment for coal, garbage and power, integrated high and advanced technology and process.
Beginning with manufacture industry, focusing on creating value-added services and equipment.
Extending the industrial chain, improving the upstream value chain, increasing the downstream chain price system.
From the current low value “manufacturing” products to the high and advanced  products and services with new added value.

MECO Combining 

A Cogeneration Condensing Steam Turbine Generator Company.

A Hot and Cold Exchanger Manufacturing Company. 

A Heavy Mining Machinery Company .

A Coal Coking Heavy Equipment Company.

A Coal Based Clean Energy Development Company 

A Circulating Fluidized Bed Boiler Company.

To setup the  MECO Group engaging  in the application of Gasification-Coal Power Plant and Gasification-Garbage Power 

Plant i.e. CPP-Clean & Clear  Power Plant of  Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle IGCC and Integrated Drying Combined


Business Scope
Advanced new energy engineering technology IGCC and IDCC research, design, engineering, development, training,    

consulting, promotion, assignment.

EPC Turnkey project : design, engineering, manufacturing, assembly ,installation and commissioning  services, Investment 

consulting management, financial and trade services for Gasification-Garbage Power Plant, Gasification-Coal Power  Plant and 

CUP Coal Up-grading Plant, MSW-Garbage-RDF Plant, CACC Atmospheric Purification, Coal Ash Removal, CWMixture Manufacturing

and so on. 

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