CSR System: 5E

  • Environmental Protection
  • Executing Three-win
  • Economic Contribution
  • Employee Development
  • Extending Love

Environmental Protection 

With the development of global economics various pollution and greenhouse effect have been further intensified. We have been engaged in the research and development of the solutions with the machinery and equipment of IGCC technology to make the brown coal and MSW into the clean and clear energy without further pollution . The nature of our cause has manifested that we have been in the pursuit of environmental protection and environmental friendliness , where our career lies, where our cause lies and where our life lies.

We will adhere to the strong environmental awareness, go all out to bring the responsibility of environmental protection into our daily operational activities and at the same time fully utilize our R&D strength to make the great contributions to the sustainable development of the nature and the human society with green technology. 

Executing Three-win
Nobody could be spared and decoupled to make the development. Our clients or the "Employer" in the projects are the real boss to us because it is nobody but them to give us the chance so that we can display our talents and serve the society and at the same time earn the salary so that we can have a life and grow. Customers Supreme is always right whenever and wherever. We have been growing up on the way with our clients.

In the meantime, all of our suppliers are the powerful backing to us. We can go far away just because we are standing on their broad shoulders. Without them we will become weak. Our suppliers give us the power so that we could assist our clients to make power. This is Win/Win/Win.

Economic Contribution
Our mission of Leading the Development Direction of the Power Industry and Reaching the New High of the Machinery Industry makes us implement the scientific development in a comprehensive manner and assume the responsibilities in a proactive manner so as to repay the society and achieve the maximum interests for the staff, the enterprise, the state and the society.

We persist in honesty, steadiness and scientific operation to promote the enterprise stable development and create the excellent economic values in a sustainable manner so as to provide ideal payback to the society. It means that we will continue basing on the profound R&D strength and making great efforts for the constant innovation so as to meet the major demand of the industry with high quality technology and service and help customers to create values. 

Employee Development
We need more and advanced knowledge and talent than the traditional factories, that is we need the first-class employee. Thus we insist on the ideology of People Oriented , not only show solicitude for the employee's working rights, material interests and life improvement, but also care for their ability improvement, professional achievement and happiness index so that the employee could work and live in a harmonious, secure and productive environment the achievement of our enterprise's development.

Extending Love
Many people near or far away from us have still had the distressed life and suffered the bad health conditions and the poor nutrition. They need the help from all of us. We possess the benevolent loving cares and extend our love to the public charity affairs so as to help more people and serve the construction of the harmonious society.


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